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I am a traveler at heart who is deeply committed to sustainability. The freest I’ve ever felt is when I’ve had a pack on my back, a few dollars in my pocket, and a smile on my face because I knew adventure lay ahead. I have spent years traveling the globe where I always gravitated towards some tiny island off the beaten track that’s excruciatingly painful to get to, but so worth the reward. My longest adventure was 2.5 years where I spent a portion of it sailing the seven seas. Well two of them, at least. The ocean is my happy place and where I am most “me”.


Travel led me to a path of wanting to lead a sustainable life and my personal mission of wanting to have a positive impact on the world and those around me. For over a decade, my career has been in the electric vehicle industry where I feel extremely grateful to have worked on projects that have real impact. 


Then the pandemic hit. For an active person, who considers herself a maker, I had to create something, so I turned to my heavy-duty sewing machine. The first suits I made were just for me; however, I started to share them with loved ones who seemed to really like them.  And they made the amazing and powerful women in my life look beautiful!  


As a traveler, I’ve always packed light, and LOVE clothing that is reversible and multi-style - so I thought, why can’t swimsuits be this way too? 


Savu Swim was born. Each piece is made with love and specifically designed for women who have an adventurous spirit. I hope our swimsuits makes you feel confident, beautiful and like the powerful woman I know you are!

Our Future of Freedom
A word from the Founder

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