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We all have Super Powers
Ours are Transformation and Sustainability

Super Power

At Savu Swim, sustainability is core to our belief system and ingrained in every aspect of the product and business operations. Merely producing a product from recycled materials is not enough - it must also be produced using fair and ethical labor practices and made in such a way that you get more use and function from the product itself.  Let’s face it, if we really want to help the planet we should consume less. Savu's multi-style suits are designed so that only one suit is needed, eliminating the need for multiple suits. 


Savu Swim proudly uses Repreve recycled fibers, where each yard is the equivalent of 18 recycled plastic water bottles. Savu uses sublimation printing (heat transfer) for its prints. When compared to vat dyeing or screen printing, sublimation uses significantly less water and energy. Savu strives to not add any plastic components to its suits, and instead uses natural materials such as coconut shells and wood. 


Savu is made locally in San Francisco, California via a women-owned manufacturer that pays fair, living wages. The factory is visited regularly by the founder to ensure both quality of product and fair treatment of workers.

Transportation and Energy


Savu is a fierce advocate of electric vehicles and all local business trips are driven via 100% zero emission vehicles. Vehicles and local business operations are powered by the local utilities' Super Green Energy  program which consists of 50% wind and 50% solar energy.


Savu only uses recycled materials for packaging and tries to use the least amount of materials possible for packing. Nothing upsets Savu more than seeing excess packaging and boxes shipped inside of boxes. 

Supporting Women Owned Businesses

Savu believes in supporting fellow female entrepreneurs. Whenever possible, Savu engages and contracts with women owned businesses. Today, roughly 80% of suppliers are women owned.


Our multi-style swimwear is designed so that only one suit is needed, eliminating the need for multiple suits.  

Road Map / North Star

Savu believes in a cradle to cradle philosophy and dreams of a future where at the end of life apparel can be fully recycled. Ideally it would be placed in the local recycle bin but we are not there yet. This is on the Savu roadmap and something to aspire to. This will take a village; industry collaboration welcome. 

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